The world has been facing a crisis that never happened several years prior to this year, and the world, including the most developed countries, is having a difficult time to cope with its demands as well as its effects to different facets of human activities: political, social, and economical.

Despite the destruction of the virus to the Asian countries, three of its developed countries, China, Taiwan, and South Korea are sending resources in different countries to help cope with the pandemic brought by the coronavirus.

Although new cases are reportedly decreasing in the above-mentioned countries, the economic and as well as resources were still exhausted to try to combat the virus and its effects and they are still having a hard time rising up especially the second wave of infections are slowly rising up. However, despite this, the three countries promised and now sending face masks, medical staff, and other help to different countries including the United States.

The Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, with a net worth of $48.9 Billion, an owner of Alibaba company gave 1 million face masks and 500,000 virus testing kits to the United States, and images of this were Tweeted by the said billionaire. He also tweeted that the help would also expand to the other parts of Africa. This was also tweeted by the Office of the Prime Ministers in Ethiopia stating the phone discussion done by Jack Ma and the country’s representative. According to the Prime Minister, Jack Ma would share 1.1 million testing kits, 60,000 medical protective suits and face shields, and 6 million masks.

Also, the Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu had even announced that he would provide a hundred thousand face masks to the United States per weekly once the supplies are now stable in exchange for the United States to reserve 300,000 hazmats for Taiwan.

In addition to this, some groups in Chine are also helping. For instance, their Red Cross has shipped 30 tons of medical equipment and some medical staff on March 12 in order to prevent t the spread of the virus on Rome.

Lastly, South Korea is also helping in this pandemic. In fact, it has donated and sent 500 test kits to the Philippines and 51,000 test kits to the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

Its president, Mon Jae-in, has also suggested President Donald Trump to provide a teleconference summit in order to discuss South Korea’s preventative measures that effectively lessen the impact of the virus.

Final Thoughts

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a difficult crisis that swept the whole world out of their feet and create instability even to the biggest economies of the world, countries are trying their best to share their resources to the others that are in need. This was reiterated when Ma reminded the other countries of the importance of helping and staying united in times like these.

All countries were called to act as members of the global community. Everyone has the responsibility to help if they have the means, to the ones that are in need.